The Monstrous Alphabet of Love – A 26-page how-to-woo guide featuring all the best monsters. Completed in 2010.

A Beginner’s Guide to Roller Derby – Featured Sept. 2nd, 2010 in Vox Magazine.

Fun Size – A 3-page comic published on The Midnight Teaparty.

Ella’s Grine – A 3-issue comic within the Nightmare Unknown series to be published by Broken Icon Comics.

In The Drink – A 3-page comic to be published in The Gathering: Survival anthology by GrayHaven Comics in April, 2014.

The Dodgetown Drowner – A 11-page comic posted on Next Town Over

In Progress

Pension Possible – A 6-page comic published for the Missouri State Employees’ Retirement System

The Grey Girl – An illustrated story written by Megan Rose Gedris

Up Next

Nine to Eternity – A 96-page series about working in call centers. Or Hell. Can’t it be both?

The Golden Center – A 10-page comic to be published in Eggshells: A Woman’s (Rape Culture) Anthology.

Sweep the Cobwebs Out – A 6-page comic to be published in Monstrous Project.

On Hiatus

The Watcher of  Yaathagggu – on hiatus, will return to regular updates.